In this session, we discussed the current state of your business and your energy levels. You mentioned feeling a bit overwhelmed and catching up on things after feeling depleted earlier in the week. You’re easing back into exercise and mentioned your body telling you to slow down.

Regarding the business, we discussed the sales data and how January typically is quieter for your team, observing that the pattern has remained consistent over the years. Despite the economic difficulties highlighted by numerous interest rate hikes and rising costs, your team’s sales have remained stable and shown growth in comparison to previous years. This demonstrates resilience and a strong foundation in your business, especially in tough economic climates.

We also touched on leveraging social media more effectively, particularly emphasizing the importance of sharing your personal success and business insights. This not only positions you as a leader but also helps attract people who resonate with your level of success and want similar results. Moreover, engaging in live sessions or posts can help you share valuable tips that have worked for you, catering not only to your existing network but also to potential new recruits.

Lastly, we discussed the potential of starting a podcast. Although you expressed some hesitation and concern about your ability to articulate and structure your knowledge effectively, it’s clear that there is value in your experience. The exercise of simply starting with the basics, addressing common questions, and sharing personal stories can be immensely beneficial not only for your brand but also for providing value to your audience.

– Consider starting with regular live sessions on social media to share business tips and personal insights.
– Think about the specific topics and questions your audience might have that you can address in these sessions or a potential podcast.
– Reflect on how you can use your personal success stories more strategically to attract and inspire your team and others.

Overall, it’s important to leverage your leadership and success by sharing more of your journey, providing insights and value through different media, and continuing to adapt to the economic landscape while maintaining strong business operations.