In this session, we discussed overcoming setbacks and the importance of embracing your inner strengths and capabilities. We explored the story of Taylor Swift as a metaphor for resilience and personal growth, particularly focusing on ignoring external criticism and focusing on self-improvement. We addressed the concept of perceived privilege and talent, and how these can skew public perception and personal narratives.

We examined your current challenges and the pressures you feel regarding your professional life and personal responsibilities. You acknowledged a need to stop self-criticism and recognize your skills and accomplishments. I emphasized the importance of not carrying guilt or responsibility for others’ failures and instead focusing on what you can control and influence.

We outlined a detailed strategy for your coaching business, focusing on creating and sharing content geared toward showcasing your expertise and attracting the right clients. We discussed setting up a content calendar that addresses different themes on each day of the week to enhance engagement and provide value.

Homework assigned includes:
1. Employing the content calendar strategy to streamline and focus your social media output.
2. Exploring ways to package your services and expertise to attract and retain clients.

We concluded by reaffirming the need to believe in your own capabilities and to use the upcoming 404 days as a transformative period. You’re encouraged to work on internalizing your value and potential, building a strong foundation of self-belief that supports your professional endeavors and personal growth.