In this session, we focused on several topics, starting with personal updates where you discussed your efforts to support your friend through a divorce and your father’s health challenges, which have recently taken a positive turn with a treatable diagnosis. We touched on your property investments and family engagements, including the recent and upcoming travel plans affected by weather conditions and health issues.

We also covered your business activities and strategies extensively. You mentioned a leadership forum you are participating in, aimed at gathering input for training needs across Australia and New Zealand. We explored the importance of maintaining personal standards and routines even during emotionally taxing times, emphasizing gratitude and active engagement in life’s challenges.

A significant part of our conversation focused on your use of social media for business, especially during times when you aren’t feeling at your best. We discussed the need for planning and scheduling content to maintain consistency in your online presence.

We also delved deeply into strategies for onboarding and training in your network marketing business. We discussed the benefits and challenges of systematized onboarding processes, including automation through tools like ManyChat, and the importance of personal touch in maintaining a connection with your team and audience.

To ensure progress and goal alignment, especially regarding your financial goals, we reflected on the principles from ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and the importance of detailed planning for income and expenditure.

For your homework, continue to refine your social media scheduling to ensure consistency and explore the implementation of automated systems in your business onboarding process. Reflect on the financial targets and ensure a detailed actionable plan is set for achieving them.

Remember, maintaining engagement with your entrepreneurial spirit and your community, even amid personal challenges, not only aids your business resilience but also supports personal growth and stability.