In this session, we discussed important strategies aiming towards your career and financial goals, considering the predicted economic fluctuations and recoveries expected by 2024-2025. We highlighted the importance of maintaining focus and resilience during these situations, emphasizing that despite external economic distress, such as interest rate changes and cost of living issues, perseverance in this period will bolster future successes.

We also delved into the intrinsic motivations and personal aspirations driving your career. We explored your desire to prove your capabilities and achieve exceptional financial success, emphasizing that overcoming your fears and doubts is vital in this journey. Understanding “why” behind your actions—beyond financial gains—emerged as a critical theme. We discussed that aligning with your deeper motivation for accomplishments and status, such as proving doubters wrong or achieving a personal milestone, is what will sustain your grit and determination.

Homework for the next session is to conduct a deep dive into your personal vision, clearly defining what you want to achieve and why. This will help strengthen your belief in your ability to accomplish these goals.

During our next call, we will focus on mapping out a detailed plan for achieving your vision, including setting specific end-of-year goals that align with this vision. This will allow you to target your activities and focus throughout the year more effectively.

For the month’s goal, you highlighted securing the MVP status and engaging two new promoters as part of a new initiative. Ensuring consistency in these achievements throughout the year is seen as crucial for your progress. We touched on the significance of maintaining the energy and focus needed to nurture and grow your group, which will be demanding but vital for your long-term goals.

Overall, the session revolved around solidifying the foundational motivations driving your business endeavors, aligning your activities with broader economic forecasts, and planning tactical moves for near-term successes that build towards your ultimate career goals.