In this session, we discussed effective strategies for engaging with potential clients in online groups, specifically focusing on identifying and connecting with individuals who express a need for coaching services. We explored how to search for posts related to struggles such as time management issues and lack of confidence, and the importance of adding value before directly promoting services.

Key points covered included:
– Searching and identifying relevant posts where the client can offer help.
– Connecting with people by adding them as friends and gradually building rapport.
– The difference between adding value and self-promotion, emphasizing the need to provide genuine help without overtly promoting services unless explicitly requested.

Homework for the next session involves:
– Actively participating in groups by searching for key phrases related to coaching needs.
– Initiating connections with people by adding value through comments or direct messages.

We reviewed several examples showing how to initiate contacts and conversations that can lead to coaching opportunities. Additionally, the importance of maintaining a balance between adding value and not crossing into the territory of self-promotion was discussed in detail.

Strategies for leveraging online engagement to expand the network and increase visibility were emphasized, including actively posting and participating in discussions relevant to the client’s coaching expertise. By the end of the session, the approach centered around using social media groups as a platform for identifying potential coaching clients by providing value and initiating meaningful conversations.