In this session, we focused on the progress made in Bwalya’s educational journey within a boot camp studying stock options trading and balancing this with her network marketing activities. Despite not signing anyone up this past January in network marketing, Bwalya felt successful due to the strides made in learning valuable trading skills alongside her children.

We explored the reasons behind this perceived slow progress in network marketing and concluded that time constraints were a major factor since Bwalya devoted significant time to learn trading—an essential skill she wanted to master. The discussion also revealed her solid customer base from a previous company, which continues generating passive income through existing customers.

Looking forward to February, Bwalya aimed to earn $1,000, particularly through new sign-ups in her network marketing business. We identified the need for a lead generation campaign, focusing on creating engaging social media content similar to a past successful post which Bwalya agreed to recreate to boost engagement and lead generation. We discussed the importance of following up on potential leads more strategically, converting prospective and interested leads into active participants in her business. Homework includes actively regenerating successful video content and better structuring her follow-up processes to convert leads effectively.

We also sketched out how Bwalya could use her ongoing learning and trading activities as proof of her system’s effectiveness, aiming to attract more people seeking additional income streams. We strategized on increasing her visibility and interaction on social media platforms, ensuring she connects with groups and individuals in similar financial contexts or those seeking educational financing solutions.

Overall, a strong emphasis was placed on Bwalya’s proactive engagement and communication with her network alongside developing and leveraging personal learning to inspire and attract more people to her trading programs and network marketing business.