In this session, we discussed strategies to enhance productivity and decision-making, particularly in the context of your work in the St. Louis market. We acknowledged the challenges of being possibly too selective when picking projects, and addressed the importance of expanding your list of potential ventures without being hindered by over-perfectionism.

Key points covered include:
– We acknowledged your efforts in improving financial management by canceling unused services.
– We touched upon personal experiences with using resources efficiently, such as how quickly we go through supplies like pins.
– I advised you to gather a list of 20 potential projects to pursue. This target aims to enhance your activity in the market and improve decision-making efficiency.

For your homework, I asked you to reach out with a list of 20 potential projects and to send me a screenshot once this milestone is reached. This exercise is intended to push for progress and improve your engagement with the market without overthinking the choices.

Remember, maintaining traction in your work is crucial, and it’s sometimes beneficial to progress with opportunities rather than stall due to excessive scrutinous selection. Make sure you maintain communication and inform me as soon as you have that list of 20 projects ready.