In this session, we discussed overcoming challenges and evolving both personally and in your business endeavors. You shared how impactful meditation and reflection was for you, notably with focusing and setting large financial goals. We explored the significant relationship between trust, letting go of constant self-questioning, and stepping out of comfort zones.

You shared insights about starting Facebook Lives to build trust and connect more authentically with your audience. We talked about aligning posts with your personal and business brand, exploring the relevance of your experiences as both a business owner and employee.

Key questions that came up revolved around your visual brand elements, like how you present yourself in selfies and which elements attract your ideal audience. You also queried about articulating your ‘why’, transitioning from employee to business owner in your stories to enhance relatability and targeting.

Your assigned homework includes:
1. Continuing the meditation practices and reflecting on set teachings to deepen personal belief and visualization.
2. Experimenting with Facebook Lives and other social media engagement strategies to refine your online presence and outreach.
3. Considering how past professional experiences shape your current business narratives and integrating these lessons into your communication.

This session reinforced the importance of steady personal development and strategic positioning in entrepreneurial success.