In this session, we discussed strategies and plans for effectively engaging and managing the large Facebook group you recently acquired. We covered a variety of topics including:

1. Content Strategy:
– Implementing a structured content plan like using testimonials for Mondays, high engagement posts, and offering freebies like a ‘3-step weight loss guide’ for Tuesdays.
– Importance of creating engaging posts that relate to the target audience’s needs and how that can generate leads and discussions.

2. Email and Lead Magnet:
– The significance of leading visitors to opt-in and provide their names and emails in exchange for valuable resources. However, the ongoing issue of emails going to spam was noted, and the potential use of services like MailGun to improve deliverability was discussed.

3. Marketing and Data Analysis:
– Leveraging analytics from engagement to tailor content and offers more precisely to the group’s preferences.
– Kanye West’s marketing strategy during the Super Bowl was mentioned as an example of how to gather actionable insights from marketing activities.

4. Future Concerns and Measures:
– Thoughts on potential impacts of Facebook API changes on group management.
– Considerations around strategies to prevent the group from being flagged or deleted by Facebook.

Assigned Homework:
– Think about direct questions that will help gather data from the group members regarding their preferences in a similar fashion to the Kanye West method described.

Future Plans:
– We also discussed reaching out to professionals for consultation to set a proper campaign and gain more insights into email capturing and Facebook management.

Overall, maintaining high engagement and leveraging data to optimize the group influence was emphasized, alongside a need to adapt to upcoming changes in social media management tools and strategies.