This is Legacy IGNITE!

I put together this course because I “KNOW” there are women out there that need help building businesses.

And whilst they want to come into my world and have me coach them, they are scared, they are unsure of that coaching means and they don’t make any changes.

This is a foundational course to help women get started in business.

It is so important to build foundational skills and unless you understand this, you will keep going around and around and around not knowing WHY you are not progressing as fast as you would like.

In this course you will:

1) Learn how to set goals the right way so you can work towards them.

2) You will understand what you need to do every day.

3) You will understand how to manage yourself every day.

4) ‘You will know how to treat your business like a business.

5) You will understand how to post on social media.

6) You will learn how to start conversations with people via social media.

7) You will learn how to overcome objections.

8) You will understand how to navigate your mindset for success.

9) You will understand how to prepare for big sales days.

10) You will learn how to develop consistency.

If you have been struggling with making progress in your business, this is the best course for you. Each module will be delivered weekly, together with homework and if you implement, you will GROW, LEARN AND ACCELERATE!

I am excited for you!

Now is the time! IT IS YOUR TIME!